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Lynx UK Trust

The Lynx Uk Trust is a conservation organisation focused on bringing the Eurasian lynx back to the UK, where it rightfully belongs. 

Working and consulting with:

  • Local communities
  • Land owners
  • Ecologists
  • Vets
  • Academics
  • Legal teams
  • Local businesses

The Lynx UK Trust is the first and only organisation ever to submit a license application for the trial release of lynx back into the UK.

We’re also fortunate enough to have an extensive network of advisors across Europe who assist our work. 

Less Conversation, More Conservation


Director and Scientific Lead

Previously held the only protected species licence in the UK, to GPS collar and DNA Sample Scottish Wildcats. Has also been an Expert Advisor and Co author for the IUCN Cat Classification Task Force.

Dr Paul O'Donoghue

Dr Paul O’Donoghue has spent over 20 years dedicating his life to the conservation and protection of animals. A University of Oxford graduate in Biological Sciences, he then gained his PhD in Conservation Genetics at Sheffield University. His groundbreaking thesis produced a front cover research article, in the number one ranked, scientific journal in the world, ‘Nature’. An unprecedented accolade at the age of 25. Paul’s paper was the first time any scientist had shown the genetic erosion of fitness traits in wild populations, leading to over 770 subsequent paper citations and 1,450 international citations across his body of work.

He has also taken his passion and expertise into spearheading real-world, sector-leading projects, including the first person in the world to develop a real time anti-poaching system that can be successfully applied to any poached species. He also has extensive experience, translocating large mammals such as black rhinos and brown bears.

Paul’s work has garnered attention from high-profile and powerful individuals alike, from international Government ministers, to animal-activist and comedian Ricky Gervais. Through his work and in-depth expertise he has been featured by worldwide media organisations, including the New Scientist, National Geographic, the BBC, the Washington Post, as well as heading up the successful Channel 5 television series, The Elephant Hospital.

Paul’s academic prowess, ethical heart, and “get it done” attitude combined, mean he is perfectly placed to not only lead on large-scale animal and nature conservation projects, but also to effect real world change.

Can You Help To Bring The Lynx Home?

Our campaign cannot happen without your support. Sign our petition today, and help us to retrace the ancient steps of the UK’s natural apex predator, the beautiful lynx.

Your donations go directly to making this project come to life.


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Capacity and Experience to Deliver This Project

  • The Lynx UK Trust has been Instrumental in reframing and educating the public and media on the perception of the Lynx. They are not dangerous animals, and are no longer considered as such due to our work.
  • Dr Paul O’Donoghue was previously the only person in the UK licensed to trap and GPS collar Scottish wildcats- the most endangered species in the UK, and the most endangered cat in the world.
  • Only person ever to submit a license application for an apex predator reintroduction. This is the furthest a project of this nature has ever gotten.
  • Meetings with the Secretary of State, many key players within Westminster, and other high level parties.
  • Experience translocating large carnivores in Europe, with brown bears in Romania.

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