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Lynx Reintroduction: Get Involved

We're often asked "How can I help?" or "How can I get involved?" As we work towards a possible reintroduction of lynx to the UK all kinds of things will come up, and there are already lots of things you can do to help make our shared dream, of seeing lynx living wild in the UK again, a reality.


The Lynx Trust consists of a small management team and a number of experts, all of whom provide their services almost exclusively on a volunteer basis. Last year we spent only £4,500 on our work but achieved a huge amount, publishing detailed research, consulting with a comprehensive range of national stakeholders, identifying an ideal release site area and launching an extensive local consultation there.

Nevertheless, even with the team's endless generosity and commitment, we desperately need funding.

Giving £5...
Could pay to print 50 of our leaflets to inform locals about the project

Giving £10...
Could pay for two Land Registry searches to identify owners of the best sites for release pens, so that we can ask them for their support

Giving £50...
Could hire a venue for a local community meeting, something we have to do a lot of before putting our proposals to government

Giving £100...
Could pay for a member of the team to spend two days working in the release area, researching the habitat and collecting data to strengthen our proposals

Just click on the button, then choose the amount you want to give for a single, or recurring, donation:

For donations of £500 and over we would be excited to discuss how we could provide you with a deeper insight into our ongoing work; e-mail admin@lynxuk.org if you are interested in making such a donation.

Fundraise to Bring Lynx Back

In the past several members of the public have offered to conduct fundraising on our behalf, which has made an incredible difference to our team's work.
During the summer of 2016, Andrew Kinmont completed the Three Peaks Challenge and raised £155 for us, you can see his efforts on his JustGiving page.
Also during summer 2016 our very own project manager Adam led a gruelling trek through the Sarek National Park wilderness in Lapland, raising £1,030 for the project. See more about his adventure on his JustGiving page.
These types of activities can get you out into some of Europe's most beautiful nature (though of course, a sponsored swim at your local pool is just as valuable!), and can provide a significant source of income for the Trust.
If you have an idea to fundraise for the Lynx Trust, please email us at admin@lynxuk.org.

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Sign up to our fortnightly Lynx Trust supporters e-newsletter to receive updates on our progress and information about opportunities that come up in the future; just fill out the form below, we won't share your e-mail with anyone else!.

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Promote the Cause on Social Media

Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter; getting involved on social networks by sharing content and information or asking questions is an incredibly powerful way of educating, raising awareness, and getting people really thinking about living back alongside these amazing cats; it seems like a small thing, but being an active part of our social network following is incredibly helpful!


If you have any skills you think our team could benefit from, and some free time to offer, send us an e-mail at admin@lynxuk.org.

We're currently particularly interested in hearing from individuals or organisations with experience in;

Local community engagement (and currently living in the Scottish Borders)
Sheep and livestock farming (ideally in the North East or Scottish Borders)
Company secretarial work The work of a Chief Finance Officer
We are also looking for interested and enthusiastic people living in the Scottish Borders and Northumberland areas to be a part of our local supporters network (such as from Kielder, Falstone, Bellingham, Newcastleton, Langholm or Ettrick).

Leave a Legacy

By providing for the Lynx Trust in your will, you will help us to promote the return of the lynx to the UK until we succeed and, upon their return, you will be helping us to conserve the new population, enabling it to grow in strength and health over the years.

If you choose to leave a legacy to the Lynx Trust, we will:

Keep you regularly updated in our e-newsletter
Thank you on a special donors page of our website (if you wish)
How to leave a legacy
There are a number of different options for providing for the Lynx UK Trust in your will, which it is best to explore together with an advisor or solicitor. You can find further information on professional advisors via this page on the Remember a Charity website. You can simply discuss the nature and amount of the donation you want to leave to the Lynx UK Trust with your advisor, and have this written into your will.

If you would like to make the Lynx Trust aware of a legacy you intend to leave to it, please email us at admin@lynxuk.org.

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